Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Work?

No one is here. Many divisions/organizations in my company have a mandatory shutdown the last two weeks of the year to try and help with cost control (I swear you'd think we were going to shut our doors). I am one of the few people here (Legal had a strong encouragement but no mandatory vacation) today.

Which means this morning.... I have been reading all your blogs, playing on fb (damn word twist) and goofing off. I will be heading to the gym in 20 minutes and will probably take my sweet time working out as I expect it to be lighter traffic than most days.

It's hard to get motivated to do actual work when no one is here. It's not like I don't have stuff to do. I just don't wanna.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cold? Me? Nah.

This is a sign that we are strong, hearty people who can deal with a lot of cold and wind. We don't even make headlines until it is well, well below zero, while others make it because it is a mere 0 degrees for their morning commute.

Hmph. Babies. When I left my house it was -13 air temp. Get over it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

To shovel or not to shovel?

OK peanut gallery... What's your take? When expecting multiple inches of snow, do you shovel in shifts or just wait until it has all fallen. Take into consideration no snow blower. 

Much of this depends on the weight of the snow. Todays snow is light, so light Little Missy and I couldn't even make a snowball with it this morning. (We tooled around for a bit up and down the street. I don't think she has been outside except to run from the car to a store and back in over two weeks. She was due for a bit of fresh air.) We are shoveling in shifts today. With 5-9 inches expected we thought, sans snowblower, we would be better off doing one mid-day and either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Ahh... the dilemmas one faces when living in Minnesota. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Watch it wiggle...

see it jiggle.

No kids, I am not talking about Jell-O. I'm talking about my ass, my stomach and my legs. WTF? I have been sick, granted, but really, two weeks of not working out daily and my body decides to freakin' explode into a pile of mushiness? Man alive, it sucks to get old.

We have been a house of sickness lately. Little Missy came down with a bout of something nasty over a week ago (we thinks from ECFE) and after a poor night of no sleep my cold that was on the way out became a full blown mother of colds. For the last week we have gone through so much tissue in our house I had to run to Target to restock.

I was prescribed some amoxicillin today from our company clinic. Thank the gods we have one of these on site. Saves me a whole-lotta time getting my fat butt to the doctor. After three weeks of this junk they agree I have likely moved into the sinus infection category. I think the final straw came this morning when I bent over to pick something off the floor and I thought I might topple over because of the a) throbbing pain in my head and b) the weight of my head. Who knew that mucus could weigh that much. Hopefully this will get me healthy enough to handle the holiday madness.

Little Missy goes in for her 18 month check up on Thursday. 18 months. Can you believe it? I can't. My little one is growing up so fast. I know I haven't updated her blog in weeks - I promise to get on that toot sweet!

Off to blow my nose.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Split Personality

I learned yesterday that I will be split in two. 33% of my time next year will be devoted to my boss' boss. 66% of my time will still be focused on my current role in my department. I will have two desks in two different buildings (even though it takes me a whopping 5 minutes to get from my desk to the other building), two phones, one laptop (thank god) and, for all intensive purposes, two bosses.

I've dual reported in my past life, but more on paper than with real salary allocation behind it and never with two desks. The two desks is a bit odd. According to my current boss, the reason for this is so I have more face time on the 10th floor. We were absorbed into this group in January of this year and it is still uncommon for us to be associated with OGC. None of us are attorney's (although I will argue my hard earned MBA counts for something damn it) and we sit in a whole different building. We're the red-headed step child of legal.

This could prove to be quite interesting. I fear I will find myself having to act like an attorney and document my time so neither of my bosses feels he is being slighted.

I'd bitch more but at least I still have a job, a fellow team mate was laid off on Monday. Scary shit.