Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beautiful Babe

Welcome Hazel Marie

Hazel Marie Dufresne arrived this morning at 6:30am (ish) weighing in at 7lbs 4 oz. Not sure on length, apparently she has black curly hair. Heading over tonight to see mom & the new babe. Congrats to the Dufresne clan!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Darn it all

We didn't get in to the TC10. If you could, you would hear the sarcasm dripping off my words as I tell you just how disappointed I am.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nanny search

OK. After one night of sleep which amounted to a whopping 2 hours, it dawned on me (no pun intended) that I am having serious issues with the daycare thing. Since Ms. C was denied her RSV shots last year she has one more year to go before she has moved out of the 'high risk' area. The idea of putting her in a daycare.... yeah, right. It goes beyond that issue, alone, but I haven't the energy to post why it bothers me so. I think it has a lot to do with not having found the 'right' place yet.

So, the nanny search has begun. To keep Claire from being overexposed to germs, we will pony up the money and get a nanny. I have a couple leads and am going to through a post out on Craigslist. Wish us luck!


This is how many calories I can take in during the day if I want to lose 2 lbs a week. Crap. I think I might have already taken that in today. 938. WTF?

I have been 'trying' to lose weight and seriously need to do something before I learn we have been given the green light for the TC 10. I do not want to be carrying around this extra 10 lbs while running. My knees took enough of a beating last spring with the extra 25 lbs from the pregnancy.

Today I go run with a coworker and am not all that excited. Ms. C did not have a good night and was restless, meaning mom did not sleep and was equally restless. When I got up at 4am to tell Pete to come to bed, the cat puked. I mean really. Can't a girl just get some sleep.

How this turned into a post about sleep I don't know....

Anyway. My point is, I will have to figure out what I can to do get back on track. No more sweets after dinner. Smaller portion sizes and I'm seriously considering dropping my weight training and adding back in the cardio. I hate to stop lifting, as I do enjoy that activity, but with only running 2, sometimes 3 days a week, I will not be prepared for any race. Urgh. This getting old thing sucks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Laugh out loud

Thanks Carrie! We had a great time viewing your movie last night and laughing out loud. Well done. I am so very proud of you and that you have followed your dream. And I was delighted to actually get to see Ms. D in person. Love her.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Invincible no more

My women's softball team beat our sister team last night, 14-13. This has not happened in the nearly 10 YEARS I have been playing in this league. And what a fanstastic game. I always enjoy it more when both sides have a fighting chance. It makes my senses come alive. Needless to say, our sister team was stunned. Simply stunned. Little did they know when we played them earlier in the year that I was watching and putting together a line up specifically for this game. Hey. It's called scouting out the other team. Take note - we're on fire!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TC 10 Mile

My in-laws and I are registering for the TC 10 mile. I haven't run a race since the last time I ran this course in 2006 before becoming pregnant.

I'm not sure I am ready for this. I think I should have started with a couple hundred 5k races before getting back into mid-distance runs. Oh well. The race is a lottery so we won't know if we are in until July 18th. In the meantime I need to maintain the thought that we could get in and get my butt in gear. I haven't been able to make it past 3 miles on a run. How the heck do I think I'm going to make it 10? Yeesh. I used to kick out 5 miles without question. What happened to me?

Today is a run day so I'll go pound the pavement during lunch and see if I can get my head back in the running game.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Bang! Kapow!

The 4th has come and gone and nary a firecracker was seen at our house. Heard is another story, but so it goes. Lucky for me, Ms. C can sleep through most noises. The white trash episode on Friday was another story as it occurred while she was going down to sleep, but in relation to what Carrie experienced, it was nothing. Just a couple f-inheimers thrown around and my neighbors coming out to tell their son's (who should be living on his own, btw) friends to shut the hell up. Since they were already taking care of the matter, Pete returned to watering the lawn and I returned inside with Ms. C. I brought her onto the deck since she typically has a calming effect on drunk 25-year-old-testosterone-filled-idiotic guys trying to impress equally drunk 25-year-old scantily-clad girlies. Makes them think what might come after the hook-up, me thinks.

We took the girl to the first of what are sure to be numerous parades. We were actually late and missed the first run through but since we were in Afton, the only way the parade could return to its original starting place was to come up the road again. Lucked out. Then we hung out at the park and enjoyed the baby swing. Kids running around everywhere and Ms. C spent most of the time picking up sticks, as is her passion, and watching the big kids.

Two new teeth sprouted last week so the weekend was partially filled with crankiness and short fuses. She and I spent some time in the pool on Saturday. She took two spills but kept her head out of the water and didn't seem to be scared of the water. She walked around with her bath toys and splashed away. It was a good experience for me to see my babe able to keep herself upright, even when she slipped. I have been reticent to let go of her but know that she needs to experience things to learn. Urgh.

Then it was off to a BBQ with a small group of friends. Ms. C thoroughly enjoyed watching Wiley-dog (a huge love of a dog) walk around. She didn't reach out to touch her but didn't flinch when Wiley came over to lick some food off her face. Ms. C just followed her around and had a blast playing with her older buddy Logan's toys, chatting with Auntie's Robin and Jackie and checking out the new grass.

Both of us were too darn hot and cranky to do much yesterday so we spent the day playing on the deck or inside in the air conditioning.

It's hard for me to return to work after a three day weekend when she stands at the gate and says mama. I am dreading, simply dreading when I have to begin dropping her off at daycare at the end of next month. It's killing me. I am still waffling between the home daycare across the street and the center. I don't want anyone else to take care of her but I know that isn't realistic. Her dad needs to work and that's how it goes. She is a tough little cookie and will probably end up loving it but I don't want my baby to have to deal with separation-anxiety. Hmph. Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit and she won't give a hoot that she's not at home with dad. We'll have to see.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just in time!

UPDATE: Kennedy Ann was born on Wednesday evening at 8:49pm, weighing in at 5lbs 9 ounces. Congrats Jen & John!!

My friend is having her baby, my friend is having her baby!

Her water broke while we were shooting her pregnancy photos last night. Holy cow. Thank goodness we got those photos done last night! Now I am impatiently waiting for news on Baby Girl S!