Thursday, December 03, 2009

Can I be a mallard?

Ok. This scares the crap out of me. I just read this in an article (yes, I know, why am I feeding into the tabloid fodder - we all know why this has once again become the 'talk' at the water cooler).

1 in 4.76
The odds an ever-married or cohabiting man has cheated during the relationship are 1 in 4.76 (US, 8/2004).

I'm not naive. I know couples who have faced that issue themselves. Some have stuck together, some have parted ways.

But it really scares me because if I do the math, that means that someone in my FAMILY could be that 'one'. Or someone in my close circle of friends could be that 'one'. This has to be one of my biggest fears. Always has been and has nothing to do with anything anyone in my circle has said, has to do with what goes on upstairs underneath the currently dyed red-ish brown hair. It is like the ultimate rejection and insult to me (outside of physcial abuse and abuse of my child, of course).

Why can't people commit to each other and be decent. I realize we are animals when you really get down to it, but even ducks stay committed damn it.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I have high expectations for myself. I seriously thought that I would have my hip back in shape by now. Had a check in last week and the PT Asst told me I was still twisted. No jokes, kids. Not that kind of twisted.

Now I have two more exercises to do bringing me to 5 a day with 5 sets each. I semi joked with her when she expressed concern it was too much that they had taken everything else away from me, so why not add two more. I can't run, do yoga and can only lift certain areas of the body. I'm going to have to seriously cut down my calorie intake to counterbalance this loss in exercise. Nice timing since we're heading into the big calorie time of year. Oh well. I'll need the extra layer of fat to keep me warm this winter.