Friday, August 27, 2010

Lost speed

I should be happy that I ran 2.1 miles last night and appear to be mostly pain free today. However, all I can think about it my pace. Average of nearly 12 minute miles. I've lost a lot of speed.

I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter. The fact that I am running, and as the Hubby pointed out last night, should make me happy.

But I'm struggling with the fact that I've lost my speed. I look at my cottage cheese thighs and get angry. Come back muscle! Come back speed! Come back strength so I can feel the ground under me fly by at my normal 9-10 minute mile pace.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's just softball, folks

For most of my adult life I have played softball. In the summer I play in a women's league for women 25+. This league is run by our local Catholic Athletic Association.

For the last three years I have played co-ed ball in the fall with members of our church. I've also played some co-ed ball with friends in years past. And let me just say this. I don't like playing with the men. Outside of the Hubby, who is a competitive person but not in this sport, and a handful of other men, it's very frustrating. I've been playing ball for what.... nearly 30 years now. I manage a team with a winning record in the summer league. I coached girls softball for several years. I think I know what the hell I am doing. This doesn't mean I don't make mistakes, but I don't need to be told when to cover home (as I am now relegated to catcher - which I don't actually mind) and when I need to make a tag versus having a force. Yeah. Kinda know that thanks. And if I see another man call off a woman who clearly has a bead on the ball - I'm apt to go out and kick his ass.

Last night was the first night the Hubby and I played with our team in the fall league. I was hesitant to return this year because it was somewhat trying last year. Last night put the icing on the cake for me. It was an especially intense game as we were playing our sister team, More. We, Even More, were down one female player so we played short in the field. As an aside, we were also playing on AstroTurf - quite a different playing field! Regardless, those two things had little impact on the reason I have decided I no longer want to play next year.

Each team had female players essentially mowed down by male players who are, what, I don't know, trying to make some point about how good of athletes they are? It turned into a near fight with one player on each team yelling at each other and in a nutshell, threatening to fight one another. No kidding people. There was talk about smashing someones face and all that male bull that gets thrown out when things get out of hand.

Um... did I mention we go to church with the vast majority of these people? The Hubby, being the sane male he is, stayed out of all of it. I, being the shortest player on both teams, stayed out of it. But it made my blood boil.

I deal with egos all freaking day at work. ALL day. I want to go to the field to play a fun game and enjoy myself. The reaction of these two males ruined the rest of the game for me. I wanted to speak to no one. When the More player came to the plate I wanted very much to hit him upside the head and ask him who the hell he thinks he is making this uncomfortable for the rest of us. Mind you, I wanted to do the same to the player on our team but I didn't have to - his mom was there so she took care of that matter on our behalf.

Needless to say, I'm done with co-ed ball. Unless I can find a team of guys who refuse to let their hormones (and you talk about women - yeesh! no wonder we have to many freaking wars) dictate how they will react to one another.