Friday, May 28, 2010

Mall Cops: Mall of America

OK. Not sure if anyone has heard of this show. Yes, the premise does seem a bit...boring. But when your neighbor is one of the people on the show - you watch. Just so you can see him. It's a hoot. Pete & I plopped ourselves down on the couch and tuned into a show we might have skipped over otherwise. (We did spend a fair amount of time watching the Twins beat the Yankees, btw.)

And in case you didn't watch - our neighbor is the dude standing second in line if you start from the right of this picture. He had to deal with a drunk old man and a couple other 'issues' in the episode focused on the Vikings players event.

Having worked at the MoA for a couple of years I probably have more respect for these people than the average rube. Having dealt with shoplifters, kids who have parents who clearly do not give a crap about where they are and what they are up to and enough rudeness and inappropriate behavior from 'patrons' to last me a LONG time - I appreciate that these cats take it off my hands and deal with it so I don't have to. Get it out of my store and/or make sure it doesn't make it to my store. That's all I cared about.

Thanks to Benny and all his colleagues!!!

Oh... and thanks for the times you walked me to my car when I left a floor set at an ungodly hour.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom's Day

Ahh... Mother's Day. Pretty mellow at our house. This is how I like to spend my mother's day. And I'm being 100% serious.

Got up - gave Claire a bath before church as we initiated our new fire pit on Saturday night.

Had pancakes made by my hubby.

Went to church where Claire did a good job staying composed. Bought some treats from the bake sale.

Mowed the lawn after church. I NEVER get to do this anymore and I LOVE mowing the lawn.

Went to Menards by myself to get mulch. Went to another Menards b/c the first was out. Came home. Chatted with my hubby and went back to Menards to buy a different kind of mulch afer talking to my neighbor. Ended up buying cedar chips instead anyway. Oh well.

Went to Boca Chica for dinner and had a fantastic chicken chimi. And we were lucky to have a live trio walking around the restaurant playing music. Very cool!!

Was allowed to fall asleep on the chair for a few minutes after dinner.

Child asleep by 8pm since she hadn't napped.

Ahh... Mom's Day.