Saturday, March 14, 2009

A month of catching up.

Fine. My new scale can calculate BMI. Fine. I'm not happy about my number. Fine. I'll go run some more. I weighed myself this afternoon. Blah. Blah. Blah.

(I know it's been forever since I posted and I start off bitching.)

Not a whole lot has been shaking these days. I gave up accessing the internet for non-work-related activities, while at work, for lent. I've been quite productive at work these days. Driving the desk has been hectic, I still don't have this two bosses thing down. But I have tried to make some connections over the course of the last two weeks to help in the career development world. However, I sometimes think that when the economy gets back on line I may jump ship for a mid-size... something just doesn't feel right. I don't know if it is company size or being a compliance trainer.

Nevertheless, I have made some friends at work and some of them are as insane as me. Three of us are joining a 4th for a 50k next month. We each run 7.25 miles, which doesn't sound too bad, until you add in the layer that part of this run is up a freaking ski jump. No freaking joke. A ski jump.

Before I started training for this task I pulled the trigger and went into the doc. I was diagnosed with asthma early in my pregnancy with Little Missy and I never did anything about it until now. Last year I wasn't training and I could tolerate not breathing well for a few weeks. This year I felt it was in my best interest to finally follow up on this whole inability to breathe thing. The doc gave me an inhaler to try and so far I have used it before every run. It seems to help a lot during the run. I'm still struggling at bit a night but I'm trying to use it sparingly.

The biggest thing cooking these days is my quest for a new ride. My SD is the lucky recipient of my current ride once she turns 16. I like my ride but it's not the most convenient when the SD and Little Missy are in the car. How often does that happen you ask? Enough times with the visits to family, etc. So, I'm looking to upgrade. Husband and I went to the nearest Toyota and Honda dealers to test drive the Prius, Camry Standard, Camry Hybrid and Honda Accord. It's down to a toss up between the Camry Hybrid and the Accord. The Accord is more stylish and has a great interior but doesn't ride as well as the Hybrid. Plus... it's a hybrid. I dig the idea of buying something that supports fuel efficiency and flexibility. Ugh... I hate making a decision about what I am going to drive with a mere 20 minutes of driving. Maybe I should just flip a coin. Peanut gallery, any thoughts?