Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cliffs of Moher

The First Headstone

For those of you who don't know... I tend to be obsessed with headstones and cemetaries. This is the 'oldest' headstone I have ever seen. According to our guide, this was built by the Druids as a way to mark a sacred burial locale.

Cliffs of Moher

Galway Traps

My Buddy

This little guy was met well. We found him on our last day in Galway fishing with his owner.

Galway Color

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I've found a way to feed my Stengths which I identified by completing the Strengthsfinder profile from the Gallup organization. Turns out I am Woo, Communicator, Adaptable, Maximizer and Input. For those familiar with the tool I assume you are not surprised by the first two. For those unfamiliar, I strongly encourage you to buy the book Now, Discover your Strengths, go online and take the assessment, and read the book. It has helped me understand - along with a battery of self assessments for my latest class - a bit more about myself.

So, I left my last organization and found a new role where I hope to create the ever-elusive work/life balance. So far so good but as I am still in the honeymoon phase of a new job/company/role I remain skeptical. Based on what I see with my new colleagues however, this may be the place I land for a long while. Check us out at to get a 30,000 foot idea of what we do.

Hopefully this will allow for new photos and creativity in my life. Added to the arsenal of technology in our house is a new digital camera. What a great learning tool this has become for me! I learn more and more about lighting and filters and all kinds of stuff with instant gratification to boot. Ahh... the power of digital technology. As much as I fight the movement at times (still no PDA and no camera phone!) there are moments where I really appreciate what has evolved.

Well, back to the daily grind - have to continue to make money to pay for gas!


Thursday, February 24, 2005


One can never predict what is going to happen in life - or exactly how we are going to react. I learned this week that I am a right brain thinker who visualizes thoughts and ideas. This might explain my strong desire to photograph everything, eh? And my challenges to survive in the left brained business world / MBA program. It also explains why I differ from many people on how to tackle a people challenge - things look different to me.

Haven't had much of a chance to take many new photos as of late. The weather in Minneapolis doesn't always work with what I want to do... but a new mac has joined the creative forces in our abode so hopefully some 'edited' photos will appear as I work on learning photoshop. Amazing what you can do the the image! Still doesn't take the fun out of actually finding that perfect shot and having the photo turn out so well you don't have to touch it.

Learned my friend Kim is a radio star earlier this month. If she approves I will put out the link the the radio station where you can listen to her from 3p-4p CST, M-F. Lovely mix of tunes to carry one through the drudges of the afternoon workday.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Sleeping Beauties (2004) Posted by Hello

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Northern Spurs Posted by Hello

Day 2

I spent some time updating yesterday with some photos I have taken. I'm thinking I might use this as a way to demonstrate my creative ability and use it as an outlet. Since I am shooting film and not digital it takes some time to get the photos in digital format (read: pure laziness).

Let me know if you like anything you see! I'm trying to learn how to invite people to the site and see if they can respond/publish comments.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Thursday, January 27, 2005