Friday, August 21, 2009

That's Right Baby - Funkytown

As it is well known, I love this music town.

And the Hold Steady is one of my absolute favorite bands, both for their music and Finn's lyrics which always remind me of places around town (66th & Nicollet buried deep within a song).

Glad to see, while it may only be the Onion, other folks agree.

And the Atmosphere tune referenced in the article still ranks near the top of my all time top 10 songs.

I could have spent hours scouring my playlists searching for songs. Ahh... doing what I can to avoid work today.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As much as we need him...

I don't want him. Meigan, can you take him back?

Related article here, which I think makes a very, very good case.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mental break

Stumbled upon this while taking a mental break developing an elearning course.