Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music Lovers

Do you ever have those bands, or those singers, that no matter where you are in life, once you hear their sound or that voice you are instantly transported back in time to the place where you become familiar or intimate with that noise?

I am a self-proclaimed music fan. Some may say indie-rock snob. I once thought about opening my own club. My latter high school years and college days took place during the onslaught of indie rock gods. I grew up hating commercial radio and having indie rock guru's play nightly. I missed seeing the Replacements last show and never had the chance to see Husker Du live, but I did see various elements of these bands later in life and even saw Bob Mould and Grant Hart play together at an obscure 'reunion'. I think I spent enough money at First Ave that I swear the staircase on the west side of the main stage dance floor was financed by me.

Where is this going, you ask? What's up with posting this drivel when you haven't put anything up for 5 weeks?

As I sit here, kicking out more mundane reports (be happy you have a job, be happy you have a job!) I am listening to the radio and along came Dinosaur Jr. with a new release. They are one of those bands. The distinct sound of the guitar, J. Mascis' voice, they transport me back to the days when I had little responsibility and the big decisions in my life surrounded what bar I would be heading to later in the eve. Ahh... so nice.

Some of my favorites include Chris Cornell (damn those eyes), anything Jayhawks related, Run Westy Run (I was a HUGE Westy Fan) and many, many, more. Frank Black (or Black Francis as I first knew him). Primus anyone?

And I about fell out of my chair (had I been sitting) when my Step started singing a Hold Steady song while I was vacuuming. I have been a fan of Craig Finn (another voice that will transport me) since his Lifter Puller days. To hear my 16 year old Step sing along was a bit of a shocker. Does that make me a geezer holding onto her old life? Did they sell out to the younger kids? Is my Step cooler than I give her credit for? I am very possessive of 'my bands', some of who hold some weird kind of hold over me. It was odd... very odd. But, alas. I am growing old and I can't get to shows like I used to and it is good that new generation is being turned onto good rock.

However, if she starts kicking out some hardcore punk, we might just have to talk.... I am, after all, a mother now.