Monday, September 22, 2008


Oh. And I forgot to post that I have been on the bridge 2 times in the last three days. Who knew I would appreciate the reopening of this thoroughfare so much?

It's SO WIDE!!!

Drawing blood

I had my yearly appointment this afternoon. Don't worry, no details will be provided, other than the fact that I verified I can donate blood. After receiving a transfusion after delivery last year, Claire's receipt of a donor's blood while in the NICU and knowing that I carry universal blood (O-) I have been considering donating. My dad has delivered pint upon pint upon pint over the years and my hubby goes in every 62 days as well (he's also O-). For some reason I thought one needed to be 120 lbs to qualify and considered lying like my friend Kim did in high school, but nearly (or was it actually, Kim?) fainting didn't sound like the best of ideas. But, surprise, I qualify. You only have to be 110 lbs if you are over 17. I fall somewhere in between 110 & 120 - I have to keep you guessing. So I booked myself an appointment online this evening for Oct 2nd.

Afraid of needles and vials, you ask? Heck no. While in the hospital my blood was drawn every 6 hours and I have those great veins that typically pop out without a great deal of work on my part. To be honest, I am somewhat excited. I am looking forward to feeling like I am providing something to someone who may find themselves in the position I was last year. Or their child. You see, as a universal donor, my blood may be used for a baby in the NICU or an ER situation when a child is rushed in who has not been typed. And that, my dear friends, feels pretty darn good.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Scary Post Response

OK. I just got a comment on Ms. C's blog from an outsider. I know outsiders have linked to her blog b/c of the tracking and I've been considering making it private b/c I'm not sure how much I like the idea of pedophiles finding pictures of her online. I just changed the comments setting to allow me to moderate them (sorry kids, hope this isn't a pain).

I realize it could also have been just random but it really does make me think of protecting her more. Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An Angry Leftist Speaks

I was watching the local news last night, camped out at the RNC and listened to a delegate comment that Bush's speak was non-partisan. Where does referring to his opposition and their supporters as the angry left fit into non-partisan? I mean really.

Full disclosure: I consider myself an independent, not a democrat so I have bones to pick there too.

The hubby and I have been chatting a bit about the whole media circus, not just surrounding our fair cities this week due to the RNC, but, in general. How media controls politics and politics controls media. Where is the truth? Will the average Joe ever really understand the platform of the candidates? Do the candidates even understand their platforms? It's getting tiresome and we've got a few more months left of ad campaigns and mudslinging. As grateful as I am to live in a country where a) I CAN VOTE, b) I have a choice and c) ad campaigns are aired, I do get tired of them once they start getting into the crap-slinging. (Perhaps I am already jaded b/c the senate race here started on that note from day one....)

And don't get me started on the protesting fiasco happening in SP. A normally mundane piece of land has turned into chaos, so media outlets report. As an angry-leftist-independent I am all about free speech and all about giving people the opportunity to express their opinion. I do live in the camp that a peaceful, thoughtful and articulate protest gains a lot more credible attention than violent actions. When violence comes into play I draw the line. When you deface an innocent individual's property and suck other people into violence who were there protesting in peace, we are no longer on the same side. Stay the hell away from me and don't you dare try to explain to me why you are justified in defacing and destroying innocent people's property in the name of your 'cause'. You do not represent me.