Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Ok. I read about something in an article in the paper recently that I am going to begin modeling. For nearly 3.5 years (note that is roughly the age of my one and only child) I have been attempting to lose weight. More accurately, this began BEFORE I had Little Ms. C and I just gave up when I got pregnant.

The article shared the story of a woman who turned her life around by committing to exercise and blogging about it. A la an amiga of mine who shall remain linkless (you know who you are Triathalon Mama)and my rockin' chica Kate, you may find more exercise posts than I have had in the past. I need something, SOMETHING, to keep me on track. I have tried a number of things and just can't seem to keep the pounds off. So, we'll try this.

Resolution #1: My intention is to exercise 5 days a week at minimum. I have been given the approval to begin a return to run program from my PT and I swear I am going to get back on that horse.

Resolution #2: Stop stepping on the damn scale. A number of articles I have read recently tell me not to focus on a weight goal. That is very hard for me as I have the "magic number" constantly floating around in my head. I am, what you may call, an obsessive weigher. Those numbers keep me moving. But they also depress me. A lot.

Resolution #3: Stop buying clothing. (this, btw also relates to another resolution I have to stop spending so much darn $$) I get depressed when I buy clothing. Yet I shop and shop and shop. Maybe if I stopped buying the clothing and went shopping after I lost the weight I wouldn't feel like such a fat ass. And let me tell you, my ass is getting fat.

Resolution #4: Track calories. This will be the one that flies out the window first, folks. (How's that for dedication?) I just find it a pain in the ass to measure out my food and jot it down somewhere. I don't eat out of boxes as I am blessed with a husband who cooks. Therefore, most of what I eat isn't in a convenient drop down list on So I guess. And I get pissed and I drop it b/c for heaven's sake this is a pain in the rear. If anyone has any ideas on a better way to do this - I'd love to hear them.

I'd love to hear if anyone has any success stories to share with either a)sticking with new year resolutions or b)losing weight. I'm all ears (and flab).


Sarita said...

Good for you! I hope you have great success (so I can get some inspiration). I use myplate/livestrong to track calories on my ipod. I just look for the highest calorie version of whatever I've cooked and call it what I ate.

Kate said...

I am vehemently opposed to new years resolutions, but Operation Lose 30 Pounds started tonight. I don't know if I'll make it, but I'm going to give it a good girlscout try. Right? GO!

Meigan said...

I just want you to know that I think you look amazing & fabulous. You really do, so don't pressure yourself too much. I can't believe you are anywhere near an unhealthy weight!

Tracking calories is the best thing for me, but I have to let it be the #1 priority in my life. This has been a priority career year for me, so I'm not doing the best on tracking right now.

I'm running the TC corp 10k to keep me out & running a few times a week & it feels great. I will be turning to you for some tips once my job situation calms down.

And scale = once a week! Must do, but don't do it more than that. You will be great at this.