Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The trials of the potty. An example of bad parenting.

WARNING!!! This post contains numerous references to poop.

I suppose I should count my blessings that thus far in life the only true 'trial' we're experiencing with Little Miss C is her unwillingness to use the potty. Where she gets this stubborn streak from, I have no idea... (what? Do I hear my parents laughing hysterically in the background? And saying, "payback is a bitch?")

One day she will go well - tell us every time she has to go and go fairly quickly. Other days it is a trial to get her to go into the bathroom and she takes forever - or doesn't go. It wouldn't be a big issue if she didn't go but we're still in that stage where we will be out somewhere and we fear she will have an issue. Like last night at my department picnic. We made three trips to the bathroom (where I had to hold onto her b/c her tiny hiney would have fallen in) with no success. Talk about stage fright.

And pooping. She hasn't done if for three whole days. She WON'T poop in the potty. Simply won't do it. So we've been the bad parents that allow her to still poop in her diaper. I fear she will be like a friend's daughter who has been going #1 in the potty for nearly a year but still won't poop on the potty. But what else are we to do?

It's seriously stressing me out. Which I know she picks up on. She is so close... but she is scared. I don't know what else to do. I've upped the bribe (she gets M&Ms if she goes) to six M&Ms and still nothing. I even gave her the chance to go in her diaper Sunday night but she said she didn't want to, because she was three. Now I'm afraid she is impacted.

I hate this. I just want her to get it over with and do it.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rhubarb & Strawberries

Did you know rhubarb is a vegetable. I did not. You learn something new every day.

Our strawberry patch has been kicking out berries to the tune of 1 cup a day. We've been keeping up so far with eating them. But we're going to burn out soon. I grabbed one cup this week (or so) and made some delicious strawberry banana muffins (which had what we thought would be a bit too much vanilla due to some inadvertent help from Little Miss C - but they turned out delish!).

I'm debating about strawberry rhubarb concoctions. My step-grandmother makes some great pies... but I'm jonsing for some crisp or cobbler. Dear husband is voting for cobbler. And since I am asking him to stop at the farmer's market tomorrow to buy me some more rhubarb, I guess I will go with his preference.

Yum. Yum. So much for losing weight.