Friday, January 28, 2005

Sleeping Beauties (2004) Posted by Hello

Mom & Alex (2004) Posted by Hello

Miles Away (2004) Posted by Hello

Lunch (2004) Posted by Hello

Fall Colors (2004) Posted by Hello

Northern Spurs Posted by Hello

Day 2

I spent some time updating yesterday with some photos I have taken. I'm thinking I might use this as a way to demonstrate my creative ability and use it as an outlet. Since I am shooting film and not digital it takes some time to get the photos in digital format (read: pure laziness).

Let me know if you like anything you see! I'm trying to learn how to invite people to the site and see if they can respond/publish comments.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Burning Sky (WBL, MN 2004) Posted by Hello

The dapper Alex Posted by Hello

Saint Louis Park Winter Posted by Hello

Gull Lake Posted by Hello

Spring daffodils (2004) Posted by Hello


Welcome to my dumping ground. I'm trying my hand at blogging to learn if this will be a valuable resource for sharing things with family, friends and new folks who come into our lives. I'm still learning so as I understand more of how to use this tool hopefully it will become less of an eyesore and more representative of who I am these days!