Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We almost got a dog

We had a busy Memorial Weekend. Spent Saturday at my sister's to celebrate my dad's birthday. We finished up flower shopping and spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the box elder tree that fell during last week's storm. One might think it a crappy thing to ask one's father to bring his chainsaw up to help cut down a tree but it you knew my father you would know this is probably on of the best gifts she could have given him - an excuse to haul out the chainsaw and do some work. He was in his element. The boys were so excited to have this much activity in the backyard.

Sunday was a glorious day and I spent most of it outside planting the flowers and the last tomato plant I purchased on Saturday. I'm full up. No more room! Now comes the weeding. While trimming some of the bushes in the back yard I noticed our neighbor's dog was out. Pete had mentioned a few days before that while he was mowing the lawn he saw the pup trotting down the street. He walked him back to the house (2 doors down) and one of the owners was happy to see him back but not as worried as Pete would have liked her to have been. The dog is super friendly and not yet a year old. Still acts like a puppy and just doesn't know better where he can and cannot go. Anyway... I saw in him the yard next to ours and figured I would walk him back, they must not have realized he had snuck out again. He was very excited to head towards his house and wanted inside so badly as I knocked on the door. No answer (no doorbell either so I wasn't 100% sure someone wasn't home). So I walked around the back to the fence and realized how he had nosed his way out. One of the boards on the privacy fence was laying on the ground. Being a svelte puppy he just wiggled his way out and took a walk down the street. I didn't know what to do so I walked into the back yard and proppped up the board thinking maybe he wouldn't realize it was still loose (silly, I know). A couple hours later I was sitting on the deck with Tabby and she went tearing across the deck staring down at the ground. The dog had gotten out again and was just below our deck. This time I grabbed Pete and asked him what we should do. We thought about keeping him in our yard and leaving a note at the house for when they came home. Instead, we walked back to their house and knocked just be sure someone wasn't home. Still no answer. So, Pete went back to our house, grabbed his drill and screwed the board back on the fence. In the meantime, I noticed that the pup didn't have any water so I walked home and grabbed an old ice cream pail, added some water and carried it back to the neighbors. We didn't leave a note, just locked him back in the yard with the fence (he had plenty of shade) and kept an eye on whether he came roaming our way again. So far so good. Needless to say, I am curious to know if the neighbors got the hint when they saw their fence had been repaired and an ice cream pail in the yard. Per Pete - one more strike and he becomes our dog. Not that we need that in our house right now...

Monday was another good weather day. We had some friends over for a BBQ and some bocce ball. Good food, good friends, good times. A nice way to spend a Memorial Weekend while NOT battling traffic. I'll take that over trying to head 'up north' with everyone and their uncle on a three day weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Smart Coach

Not sure if many people would agree with me on this but as a season ticket holder for a Big 10 football team who plays against Coach Paterno, I am proud to say he is part of my division. If a certain basketball coach at my alma mater had his head in the right place and made decisions like Coach Paterno oh so many years ago the program may not be the cluster it is right now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I think I can, I think I can...

We attended our prenatal class this weekend at the hospital where we will deliver. There wasn't a whole lot of new stuff I hadn't read about or heard about from my sister and friends who have had babies but it still gave me pause. There is so much that I can't control about what is going to happen the day our baby decides to come into the world. For a control freak like me, this is both a great learning opportunity and the scariest damn thing in the world.

I really want to avoid taking any narcotics and/or an epidural but not knowing how I will handle the pain.... I guess I'll just have to try as best I can and see what happens. I've been told my passing of kidney stones without any medication might give some indication as to how much pain I can handle. However, I was 20 years old at the time and in OK physical condition. I don't think my body is as 'flexible' as it was nearly 15 years ago. Nor does the tattoo across my spine give any evidence that I will be able to tackle pain. These were all temporary periods of discomfort. Not passing a 7 lb person through 10 cm. I am most scared of the tearing. Sorry to be so graphic but it really scares the crap out of me. For some reason I feel I could handle most of the contractions but the idea of tearing (which EVERYONE does) scares me.

One thing I know ~ I will be an emotional train wreck. I couldn't make it through the birthing video without crying. Some out of fear, some out of the emotions I felt from the experience of watching a woman deliver (without any meds - not what she had planned btw) from A-Z. I remember watching something in health class in junior high/high school but of course, at that time it didn't really make an impact on me. Now it's a totally different story. I leaned over and told Pete he can expect me to be weepy, angry, swearing (what else is new?), clingy and just about everything else all in the course of 12-18 hours. Did you know 12-18 hours is the average time labor takes for first time mothers?? That is from the very beginning with small contractions to the delivery of the placenta. Amazing. I do remember when my sister delivered it was somewhere around this mark. I was in Portland on a business trip but got a call while I was at dinner that she had gone into the hospital and I tried calling her when I got up in the morning. Apparently, she was in the last efforts of delivering Alex. Whoops. Nothing like having your sister call and have to listen to a telephone peeling in your ear while you are trying to remain calm. She kindly responded when I apologized after taking an early flight home that she heard the phone ring and knew it was me so in some way I was there without being at the hospital.

Despite all the fears and anxiety I am getting anxious for our little girl to join us. Will she be blond and blue-eyed like Pete or will she be a brown hair, brown-eyed girl like her mom? Right now, she is listening to the Gear Daddies through the headphones on my belly. I figured I needed to encourage her to have a diverse understanding of music so in addition to classical music I have been playing the Dead, Neil Diamond (who she will learn well), Bob Dylan and a whole host of others. I have yet to play her any hardcore punk rock. I think I'll wait on that one.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sitting upright

All is well according to our doctor. We had another check up this morning and things sound normal (heartbeat), feel normal (no dilation) and mom is doing fine (BP is OK). I did mention my back hurting and she felt my back and told me that no, it wasn't my bra as I originally thought, but back spasms. I need a deep tissue massage. Dang. Needless to say, I placed a call to my friend who is a massage therapist as soon as I got into work and will be making a visit to her on Sunday. I am SO looking forward to seeing her, both on a friend level and because she works such magic when she works out those kinks.

The doctor pushed on my belly today (a first) to get a sense of how the baby is laying. I told her I was feeling the most activity in my lower abdomen (really low) and she said that confirms her thoughts ~ she thinks she is sitting upright with her head under my ribs. That also explains why my ribs hurt sometimes, the babe is cracking me with her fists. The doctor said not to worry, that we have time before we need to consider if we will need to deliver via c-section. I have some doubts that she will turn since she has been laying this way for quite some time if the kicks are any indication. I was kinda bummed out. I have no concerns about scarring or worries about the surgery, I just wanted to have her the 'normal' way (one could debate which is becoming the norm these days). We'll see what happens and if the doctor can try to turn her. My sister was breech and no matter what the doctor did she wouldn't turn (stubborn Irish girl). It remains to be seen which what she decides to do. Maybe she just likes sitting upright - can't say I blame her.

We began to discuss backup boy names in case the technician was wrong. I'm carrying quite low (from what I can tell having never done this before) and I've heard that is a sign that it is a boy. Wives tale or not, I'd rather be prepared. It seems the boy name will be harder for us to agree on. We've pretty much agreed on the girl name but this morning we had some differences of opinion. I've heard this is one of the hardest decisions to make and I thought we had gotten off lucky by agreeing on the girl name ~ little did I know :) If anyone has any cool boy names they would like to suggest, I'll take 'em!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Flowers and Heartbeats

We put in the veggie garden Saturday which was quite a workout for me. The whole thing had to be weeded and Pete laid down three bags of new soil and one of compost along with some grass clippings from the pile behind our fence. This year we 'quartered' the garden to allow room to weed. I'll have to pick up some straw and lay it down in the 'walk-way' so I limit how much I compact the soil. We planted cukes, grape tomatoes, 6 jalapeno and 6 bell peppers, peas, carrots and 6 strawberry plants. Another tomato plant will be added after Memorial Day when I finish up my plant purchasing. Can you tell we're planning on making some salsa this summer?? We did it last year and it was great! We're also hoping our strawberry plants will make it this summer ~ last year they seemed to be a favorite of the deer/rabbit/raccoon/woodchucks that live around our house. Last summer I bought a couple of books on non-chemical mixes (Jerry Baker's Giant Book of Garden Solutions & Flower Garden Problem Solver) and I am itching to put a few together. One of his mixes targets the animals who try to eat your garden. I'm going to make a huge batch of that and spray it not only around the veggie garden but also all over my hostas. Hopefully the deer will decide my yard is not as attractive as the others this summer. Oh well.

We also planted many of the annuals for the summer. I have a large perennial garden in the back and love to add some pops of additional color with zinnias, dahlias, snapdragons, salvia, aster and other jewel toned flowers. Every year I think I should get a part time gig working at a nursery or garden just to pay for my habit. Last year I tried to plant a few more perennials so I would be less tempted to spend as much. Didn't work. I have to make another trip in a couple of weeks to coincide with a fundraiser for my nephew's school anyway - why not add a few more pots??

So I was sitting in the tub Saturday night relaxing after the day in the yard. I was looking at my belly sticking out of the water and what do I see... either her heartbeat or her breathing. My belly was moving on its own. This wasn't like a kick, it was very subtle and sometimes I thought my eyes might have been playing tricks on me. I could have just sat and stared at it until the water got too cold. What a cool feeling to see my belly moving and knowing that she is in there growing away and getting ready to join us in a mere 12 weeks. I called Pete in to see, but as is her norm (I swear she knows when I am doing this), she shifted and my belly stopped moving. Hopefully he will have the chance to see it sometime soon. I'm waiting for the day when I can see an elbow or knee sticking out. I know it's only a matter of time since she is nearly 14 inches long and my upper body is pretty small. She's not going to have a heckuva lot of space left. After she is born she'll either be moving like mad because of this new found freedom or want to be cuddled all the time because she grew accustomed to having close surroundings. We shall see!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Little girl had the hiccups last night when we laid down to bed. What felt like small kicks/hits came in a rhythmic fashion. I read that this isn't unusual and my coworkers daughter who is due this month felt them too. In fact, she got to hear them when they listened to the heart. It was a trip to feel the movement in such a pattern.

She is about 14 inches long from head to toe and weighs about 2 pounds. How she can fit into this tiny little area is amazing to me. While I feel large, I don't think I am that huge (yet).

I'm off with a coworker later today to hit the Woodbury family garage sales. Hoping to find some good deals on gear that is in good condition. We'll see ~ I've never been so I'm not sure what to expect. It's going to be a gorgeous day today from the looks of it so if anything I will enjoy the chance to be outside instead of in the office!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rainy Monday Morning

This one left me shaking my head this morning.

On a much lighter note, things are certainly greening up around here with the much needed rain. Now, if we could just get some of this rain to move to the areas of the state where there are grass fires.

Pete, Jordan and I (+babe) attended the Twins game on Saturday night. General admission in right field near the foul line. It wasn't too bad of a climb but I don't know if I will be doing much more of that as stairs are getting harder and harder. It was fun to go to a game since I hadn't been to one in awhile.

Hopefully our new little one will be a sports fan like the rest of the family. I don't think I'll be able to take her to any Gopher football games this year but next year she'll be sure to be decked out in Gopher-gear and singing the rouser. While some will think I am odd, I registered for a MN Gopher mobile for her crib. Gotta start 'em young.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Snorgfh and other newness

Crappy night of sleep again last night, but as an insomniac I am prepared to deal with the deprivation. What's a trip is that I woke up because I snorted again. Who knew this was a by-product of pregnancy? They tell you that sleeping on your back after about 16 weeks is 'not recommended'. Not because you will necessarily hurt your baby but because the weight from your ENORMOUS uterus may land on the vena cava and possibly reduce your ability to breath properly. Well, as a back/side/stomach sleeper I have been having issues. Even with the extra pillow in the bed to help stop me from rolling all the way onto my back I end up 3/4 of the way there. And that is when the snorting starts. The first time I heard it I literally laughed out loud. I could even feel the after effects. From what I understand, I do not typically snore, Pete says he has to check to see if I am breathing sometimes (he on the other hand, could raise the dead). We'll have to see if I retain this talent after I deliver. It still cracks me up - something about the sound itself just makes me laugh.

I've also been getting those lovely leg cramps from time to time. In all my years of running I only remember one time I have experienced leg cramps like this (on a long run in the middle of nowhere in EP). It is a get-out-of-bed type of pain that lingers long after the initial pain has lapsed. No matter how much I stretch it sticks with me. It's like a charlie horse in my calf. This is one thing I could really do without.

I mowed the lawn last night for what might be the first and last time this summer. Recently I learned about this 'avoid twisting' warning. I don't remember reading anything in the information I've received but someone mentioned it at yoga not too long ago and my other yoga instructor told the newbies in our class this week that all twists are gentle types and done to help stretch out our back. Well... now I am paranoid and need to do a little reading on this whole twisting thing. I wasn't worried about it until I started mowing last night and realized just how much I twist my upper body. Everything from turning around to yanking on the starter cord. Still, it was so nice to be outside smelling the cut grass and seeing our overgrown lawn/weeds diminish in length. If the twisting thing turns out to be a problem I am going to miss mowing the lawn. I know some people dread it but I really like doing it (must be a carry over from when I was paid as a 10 year old to mow the lawn).

Thursday, May 03, 2007


This is my first year managing the women's softball team I play on through my church. I have played for the team off and on for the last several years. We were slated to have our first game last night - a beautiful spring evening. The bugs aren't in the field just yet, the weather isn't too hot, the infield not too dry - and I didn't have enough players. We 'lost' our infield this year due to three pregnancies and another from chemo recovery. I had cobbled enough women together to make a team when I got a call a bit before 6pm last night that someone couldn't make it. OK. The game is at 7pm. Thanks for the timely notice.

Full disclosure: I do not know if an emergency came up b/c the person didn't call me but called the manager from last year. Perhaps it was a family emergency.

Nevertheless, I had already lost a sub earlier that day so I was down to 8 players. Which means we can't take the field. Nothing like starting the season off with a forfeit. I am frustrated more because two people waited until the day of the game to bail and made NO attempts to find subs. Granted, I'm not playing this year but I have recruited new players and continue to recruit players. I get that things come up in life when one has kids ~ something that will become very real for me I'm sure ~ but I would have the decency to try and find a sub for the game. There are other players who want to play and I feel I owe it to them to find a sub so they can enjoy the game.

OK. Enough. I'm not going to let this cloud the rest of the season. It's only one game and I'll find a way to make it happen!!